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A gorgeous couple who have built a successful business together – that’s the dream that the husband-wife duo of Pratik and Shikha Barasia are living through their start-up Square Barrel; a one-stop shop for fascinating home décor and furniture! 

They explained to us, “We wanted to use a name that exuded quirkiness. We wanted to convey that barrels do not necessarily need to be round just because they are traditionally so – thus the name Square Barrel.”

And just like the brand’s name, the couple’s furniture designs do not reflect the usual; they have a smell of quirkiness and a different ‘shape’.

 Owners Pratik and Shikha Barasia

 Eazelly caught up with this beautiful and talented couple and with their signature flair they told us, “Just one piece of creative furniture can bring cheer to an otherwise 'propah' room”.

Shikha’s personal style and inspiration stems from her passion to design funky furniture in India. After creating her first piece - the Rubik’s Cube Side-Table - there was no looking back for her.

From the first “Rubik’s Cube Side-table” to the “Phone Booth Rack” and “Hands Cabinet”, each piece by this heart-made brand is unusually enthralling and jaw-dropping.

The couple’s inspiration behind the Hands Cabinet was to associate diversity with positivity, liveliness and togetherness.

Hands Cabinet - It represents the hand prints we leave on drawers while opening them. To make it more interesting than just a simple print, they have added actual wooden hands to the knobs of the drawer.

Recurring themes of Pop and Tribal Art resonate with the creators for much of their furniture.  Their designs draw inspiration from eclectic streams, but are always infused with a dash of their own personalities and a funky twist.

So if you are you looking for that one statement piece of furniture that will fascinate and intrigue, then Square Barrel should be your destination. Each piece by Square Barrel is thoughtfully designed and manufactured in-house, and is perfect to add that bit of quirk to your surroundings.

The funky and quirky rubik cube perfect to add some zing to your interiors

Currently the dynamic duo are working on designing a ‘Signature Square Barrel Bar’; which they described as “a fun piece for a fun purpose!”

The everlasting smiling chair

The telephone rack to store all our trinkets

The Gond art inspired console unit

The cute caterpillar bench

Check out more of their quirky range on Facebook@ Square Barrel.


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